Truck gas cylinder explodes during refuelling

The wrecked truck at a PTT station in Muang district, Pathum Thani, after the explosion on Tuesday night. (Photo by Pongpat Wongyala)

PATHUM THANI – Five people were injured when a compressed natural gas cylinder on a six-wheel truck exploded during refueling in Muang district on Tuesday night.

The explosion happened at the PTT NGV station of Porn Pramalmas Co on Rangsit-Pathum Thani Road in tambon Ban Klang about 8.20pm.

Four of the five injured people were taken to a hospital. The other had a slight wound on the right arm and did not want to go.

The truck, a white Isuzu with licence plate 70-2719 registered in Phitsanulok province, was badly damaged.

The exploded compressed gas cylinder was blown about 20 metres away. Debris from the truck and the station‘s roof were scattered over the area. A taxi also suffered some damage.

Police were investigating the cause of the explosion.

A man points to part of the burst gas cylinder. (Photo by Pongpat Wongyala)

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